Monday, August 12, 1996

In Israel's 1st move to expand settlements, DM Mordechai approves placement of 298 government-owned mobile homes in Jewish settlements for public, educational use; admits units will be used primarily as living quarters. PM Netanyahu claims interim agmt. with PA does not prohibit Jews fr. building settlements on occupied land. PA protests. (QY 8/12 in FBIS 8/13; MM, WT 8/13; VOP 8/13 in FBIS 8/13; CSM, MM, WP 8/14; JP 8/24)

Israel demolishes 6 Palestinian homes: 1 in Jerusalem built without a permit, 2 n. of Jerusalem to make way for a bypass road, 3 nr. Ramallah. (PR 8/23) (see 8/6)

Israel's Interior M Eliyahu Suissa says $5 m. will be reallocated fr. local governments to settlements to help Jewish settlers pay expenses resulting fr. the Oslo agmts. (QY 8/12 in FBIS 8/12; MM 8/13; WT 8/14; WJW, WP, WT 8/15; JP 8/24)

PA arrests Adameer Exec. Dir. Muhammad Dahman, accuses him of fabricating 8/11 story of Dahlan's death in custody. (MM 8/15; PR 8/16)

Turkish PM Erbakan signs $23-b. natural gas deal with Iran; says Iran may use the Turkish ports of Trabzon, Iskenderun for trade with foreign countries. U.S. considers this a provocative challenge to its policy on Iran. (CSM, MM 8/12: MM 8/13; Hurriyet [Istanbul], Turkish Daily News 8/13 in WNC 8/21) (see 8/5, 8/11)

Republican National Convention adopts party platform, incl. paragraph on the Middle East. (NYT 8/13)