Monday, July 22, 1996

7 of the 23 local council heads making up the YESHA settlers' council break away to form their own group. The 7 are Likud mbrs., representing settlements close to the Israeli-West Bank border (or 60% of the West Bank settler population), who are considered more likely than other YESHA mbrs. to accept a permanent agmt. with the PA that would annex to Israel those settlements nr. the Green Line. (MM 7/23)

Spokesman for the U.S. delegation to the UN, James Rubin, says the U.S. is concerned by signs that some UN officials are working to promote Butros-Ghali's reelection as secy. gen.; U.S. intends to look into "how UN personnel are being used by the sec. gen. for this purpose." (WP 7/24) (see 7/15)

CIA accuses Chinese manufacturer of M-11 missiles of sending a shipment of military cargo to Syria in 6/96, contravening China's 1994 pledge to the U.S. not to export missiles, missile components that violate the Missile Technology Control Regime. (WT 7/23)