Friday, June 7, 1996

Joint EA, PLO Exec. Comm. meeting convenes. (QY 6/7 in FBIS 6/7; VOP 6/8 in FBIS 6/10; PR 6/14)

Local Aid Coordination Comm. meets in Gaza. (VOP 6/7 in FBIS 6/10)

In Hebron, settlers move building materials into Palestinian home near bathhouse seized 6/5, begin renovating it for their occupation. (WT 6/8; MENA 6/8 in FBIS 6/10)

UN votes to ask Secy. Gen. Butros Butros-Ghali to fix a dollar amount on damages caused by Israel's 4/96 offensive in Lebanon; U.S., Israel are the only countries to vote against. The figure is necessary to establish claims against Israel by victims' families. (WT 6/8)

Turkish PM Yilmaz resigns in hopes of averting the no-confidence vote, affording his party the chance to form a new government. (CSM, NYT 6/7) (see 6/3)