Wednesday, June 12, 1996

2-day technical mtg. of the Multilateral Working Group on Refugee Affairs opens in Oslo. (Article 74 7/96)

2-day Syrian-European Cooperation Council mtg. closes in Luxembourg. (SATN 6/11, SARR 6/12, SARR 6/13 in FBIS 6/13)

U.S. says it is not insisting that Israel redeploy its troops in Hebron by today, the deadline set by PM Peres before the 5/29 elections. (MM, WP 6/12)

Netanyahu postpones trip to U.S. scheduled for 6/25 until 7/96. (NYT 6/12; WT 6/13)

Israeli Atty. Gen. Mikhael Ben-Ya'ir informs Netanyahu that 3 candidates for cabinet positions may not legally be qualified: Jerusalem mayor Ehud Olmert is under investigation by the Justice Min. for concealing illegal contributions to Likud in 1988; Shas MK Aryeh Deri is on trial for misusing party funds; Tsomet MK Eitan is under investigation for bribery, misusing classified IDF information. (NYT 6/13, 6/20)

Palestinian human rights groups say Sarraj has been beaten by PA police while in custody. PA military court accuses him of striking an officer. Sarraj's lawyers have still not been permitted to see him. (NYT, WP 6/13; PR 6/21; WT 6/22; WP 6/26) (see 6/11)

In light of the Netanyahu win, Israel's Peace Now decides to shelve its campaign to encourage an Israeli withdrawal fr. the Golan in favor of the "less ambitious" goal of blocking new Jewish settlements in the West Bank. (WP 6/12)