Wednesday, March 6, 1996

IDF deploys tanks along the Green Line for the 1st time since 1967; says they are only their for observation purposes, it is not planning to launch an operation into the West Bank. (AFP, MA, VOP 3/7 in FBIS 3/7; NYT 3/8, 3/10)

Jordan says there are no official Hamas outlets in the kingdom; Hamas's presence is confined to holders of Jordanian passports, whose activities are confined to propaganda and political activities; Jordan is considering banning these activities. (al-Hayat al-Jadida, JTV, RJ 3/6 in FBIS 3/7)

IDF seals the Islamic Technical Institute in Abu-Dis and the Islamic College, Islamic College of Sciences, Polytechnic College in Hebron; announces that the policy on demolition of houses of suicide bombers and accomplices in the Jerusalem area has been changed: To date, such houses have been sealed only, now they may be razed. (MM 3/6; QY 3/6 in FBIS 3/7)

PA military court in Jericho sentences Hamas's Muhammad Abu-Wardah (arrested 3/4) to life imprisonment with hard labor for training suicide bombers and "harming the Palestinian people's interests." (MM 3/6; VOP 3/6 in FBIS 3/6; ITV, JMCC, VOP 3/6, IDF Radio, JP 3/7 in FBIS 3/7)

IDF, Shin Bet announce they have arrested an Israeli-Arab for bringing the Tel Aviv suicide bomber into Israel in exchange for $1,000, say an Islamic Jihad mbr. coordinated the deal (see 3/4). Israeli-Arab leaders are quick to condemn the man's actions as aberrant for the community. IDF also says it has uncovered the Hamas cell led by Muhammad Abu-Wardah that they believe is responsible for the Ashkelon, Jerusalem bombings. (QY 3/6 in FBIS 3/7; NYT, WP 3/7; QY 3/8 in FBIS 3/8) (see 3/6)

PSF detains 10s of alleged Hamas mbrs. in Balata refugee camp, Kafr Khalil, Nablus, bringing to 400 the number of persons recently detained. (QY 3/6 in FBIS 3/6, 3/7)

In Nablus, 1,000s of Fatah supporters hold peace rally. (WT 3/7)

State Dept. warns U.S. citizens against travelling on Israeli busses. Israeli Dep. FM Dayan officially protests. (Davar 3/7 in FBIS 3/7)