Tuesday, November 5, 1996

Pres. Clinton wins reelection. Republican majority grows in Senate (fr. 53 to 54). Democrats gain seats in House (fr. 197 to 205) but remain in minority (compared to 225 Republicans). (NYT, WP, WP 11/5; MM, WP 11/6; MM 11/7)

U.S. submits to Israel, PA a document proposing solutions to the remaining security-related disagreements on the Hebron arrangement. (ITV 11/5 in WNC 11/7)

In Naqura, ILMG discusses Lebanese complaint over IDF shelling 11/3 that wounded a Lebanese civilian. Syria, Lebanon demand that Israel allow 23 Lebanese civilians, who were recently deported fr. the self-declared security zone by the SLA, to return to their homes. Deportation issues are not technically under ILMG's mandate, but conferees agree that any issue of common interest may be discussed. (RL 11/5 in WNC 11/6; RL 11/7 in WNC 11/8) (see 10/18)