Thursday, September 12, 1996

Egypt says it will host economic summit in Cairo in 11/12-14 as planned. (MM, WP 9/13; al-`Arabi 9/16 in WNC 9/27) (see 8/22)

Acting on a tip (possibly fr. the U.S.), Hong Kong customs impounds Syria-bound, N. Korean cargo shipment marked "finished goods," found to contain heavy artillery (incl. Howitzers, Russian made M-46 field guns). It is legal to ship arms through Hong Kong but illegal to falsely declare goods. (Kong Standard, South China Morning Post 917, 9/18 in WNC 11/12)

Iraq again fires surface-to-air missiles at U.S. warplanes in the expanded s. no-fly zone, causing no damage. U.S. announces it will position stealth bombers at airfields in Kuwait. Turkey agrees to allow 2,500 Iraqi oppositionist transit through Turkey as part of U.S. plan to evacuate its allies fr. the Kurdish enclave, provided none were connected with the CIA, PKK; U.S. says if those sponsored by the CIA can escape fr. Iraq, it will "certainly look sympathetically" on their appeals for asylum. U.S. dispatches 2d aircraft carrier to the region. (MM 9/12; NYT, WP, WSJ 9/13; WP 9/17, 9/18; al-Ahram 9/19 in WNC 9/30; MEI 9/20) (see 9/11)

Hatzofe reports that changes to Oslo II maps were agreed to and signed in 1/96 but have been kept secret. The 5 changes were only of several dozen meters. 3 favored the Israelis: moving the access road for Qedar settlement and the forests west of Ma'ale Adumim fr. zone B to C; moving the Ashkenazi Jewish cemetery of Hebron fr. zone A to C; moving the Ramallah and Bir Nabala oxidation pools, which incl. parts of the land designated for the Psagot-Kokhav Yi'aqov bypass road, fr. zone A to C. 2 changes favored the PA: moving a strip of land n. of Janin fr. zone C to A; expanding the zone B area of Abu-Dis e. to the Israeli municipal boundary of Jerusalem. (Hatzofe 9/12 in WNC 9/16)