Tuesday, April 8, 1997

Arafat reportedly takes ill on his way to mtg. in Egypt, returns to Gaza with his physician under ambulance escort. PA makes no statement. (IDF Radio 4/9 in WNC 4/10)

At a mtg. in Gaza attended by Arafat, PA security chiefs refuse a request by the CIA, Israeli security officials to reestablish security coordination immediately. (ITV, MA 4/9 in WNC 4/10; MM 4/10; ITV, YA 4/10 in WNC 4/11; WT 4/11; ITV 4/11 in WNC 4/15; MEI 4/18)

In the Israeli controlled enclave of Hebron (H2), 2 Jewish yeshiva students open fire with Uzi submachine guns (provided by the IDF), killing a Palestinian, sparking riots in the PA controlled section of the city (H1) during which IDF troops kill 2 Palestinians, wound 100; 5 soldiers are also injured. PA policemen prevent riots fr. spilling over into H2; some are injured by Palestinian protesters, others by rubber bullets fired at the protesters by the IDF. (MM 4/8; CSM, NYT, WP, WT 4/9; ITV 4/9 in WNC 4/10; PR 4/11; MEI 4/18; JP 4/19)

Israeli FM Levy arrives in Turkey for talks with PM Erbakan. (MM 4/8; Anatolia [Ankara] 4/8 in WNC 4/9; VIRI 4/8, Sabah [Istanbul] 4/9 in WNC 4/10; VIRI 4/10; Milliyet (Istanbul) 4/11 in WNC 4/16)