Sunday, April 13, 1997

PM Netanyahu says that the 1st houses at Har Homa will not be completed until 2000 (the year Netanyahu's term ends), work on infrastructure will continue. (MM 4/14; YA 4/14 in WNC 4/15; CSM, NYT 4/15)

At the Allenby Bridge crossing, a Palestinian woman fr. Qalqilya returning to the West Bank fr. Jordan shoots, wounds 2 Israelis, 1 Palestinian. (RJ, RMC 4/13 in WNC 4/15; MM, NYT, WT 4/14)

Israel eases closure of the West Bank, Gaza, allowing 20,000 Palestinian men over age 35 to go to their jobs in Israel. (IDF Radio, QY 4/13 in WNC 4/15; CSM 4/14; WT 4/15)

In Hebron, clashes btwn. Jewish settlers, Palestinians continue. 3 Palestinians are injured. (WT 4/14)

Israel reinforces troops in s. Lebanon. Hizballah detonates bomb nr. SLA patrol, killing 1 SLA mbr., wounding another SLA mbr., 1 civilian traveling with them. (RL 4/14 in WNC 4/15)