Thursday, April 17, 1997

Russian dep. FM Posuvalyuk discusses state of the peace process with Crown Prince Hassan in Amman, then heads to Israel. (RJ 4/16 in WNC 4/18) (see 4/16)

Arafat, IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Amnon Shahak, Shin Bet head Ami Aylon hold mtg. on security coordination Gaza. U.S. special envoy Ross also attends. (ITV 4/18 in WNC 4/21; MA 4/23 in WNC 4/24)

IDF demolishes home of a relative of suicide bomber Ghanimat in Surif, leaving 10 people homeless. (LAW 5/6) (see 4/16)

Fmr. Israeli pres. (1983+n93) Chaim Herzog dies in Tel Aviv. (NYT, WT 4/18; JP 4/26)