Sunday, April 20, 1997

UN Human Rights Comm. votes (51-1, with 1 abstention) to express grave concern over Israel's actions in Lebanon's Biqa` Valley, denounce Israel's persistent violations of the 1949 Geneva Conventions. (al-Manar Television 4/21 in WNC 4/24)

Labor leader and fmr. PM Peres calls on Netanyahu to resign over the Bar-On affair. (ITV 4/20 in WNC 4/22)

Israel releases Hamas leader `Abd al-`Aziz Rantisi after 3 yrs. in prison. (MM 4/23; PR 4/25) (see 8/23/95)

In s. Lebanon, 2 SLA mbrs. are killed by separate bombs placed by Hizballah. Israel retaliates by shelling areas around Jazzin. (AFP, RL 4/20 in WNC 4/22; WP 4/21)