Friday, April 25, 1997

The UNGA passes (134-3, with 11 abstentions) a resolution condemning Israeli settlement construction. (NYT, WT 4/26; ITV 4/26, SANA 4/27 in WNC 4/29; MM 4/28, 4/29; MEI 5/2)

In New York, Hamas political leader Abu Marzuq signs an agmt. that he will not contest the terrorism charges against him, will give up his residency status; in return, the U.S. will drop exclusion proceedings, release him to Jordan, which has agreed to grant him asylum. (AFP, RJ 4/30 in WNC 5/1; NYT, WP 5/1; NYT 5/2; WP 5/9) (see 4/22)

Israeli police find bodies of 2 Israeli women in a West Bank nature reserve nr. Jerusalem, suspect Palestinian assailants, but offer no proof. (WP 4/26; MM 4/28; WJW 5/1; JP 5/10)

Israeli court extends by 10 days the remand of businessman Manbar while it considers whether to charge him with selling arms to Iran. (ITV 4/25 in WNC 4/28) (see 3/27)

For 3d time, Iraq violates the U.S. no-fly zone to ferry pilgrims fr. Saudi Arabia to Iraq. (WP 4/26; CSM, MEI 5/2) (see 4/23)

In Miami, Palestinian refugee fr. Lebanon who hijacked an Iberian plane fr. Madrid to Miami on 7/26/96 is found guilty of federal air piracy charges, will be sentenced 8/11/97. (WT 4/26) (see also 7/30/96)

2 IDF soldiers are wounded by mortar fire nr. the Israeli, s. Lebanon border. IDF claims soldiers were hit while in Israeli territory; Lebanon, SLA claim soldiers were in s. Lebanon. (MM 4/25; RL 4/26 in WNC 4/29)