Wednesday, April 30, 1997

IDF eases closure allowing 28,000 Palestinians fr. the West Bank, 27,000 fr. Gaza into Israel. (MM 4/30; RMC 4/30 in WNC 5/2; NYT 5/2)

In Damascus, EU special envoy Moratinos discusses the peace process with Pres. Asad. (RMC 5/1 in WNC 5/2)

Israeli DM Mordechai hosts Turkey's DM Turhan Tayan. (MM 4/30; IDF Radio, IGPO 4/30 in WNC 5/1; MM 5/1; Anatolia [Ankara] 5/2 in WNC 5/2; WT 5/2; Turkiye [Istanbul] 5/4 in WNC 5/7; VIRI 5/6 in WNC 5/8; JP 5/10; MEI 5/16) (see 2/25, 4/4)

Knesset rejects opening further inquiry into Bar-On affair. (WT 5/3; JP 5/10) (see 4/21)

Israeli dep. finance M David Magen resigns to protest the atty. gen. decision not to indict PM Netanyahu. (ITV 4/30 in WNC 5/1; Globes [Internet] 4/30 in WNC 5/2; MM 5/1)

Palestinian television broadcasts of the PC weekly session are jammed for the 2d wk. in a row. Some PC mbrs. blame the PA, though Arafat's office claims it cannot determine the source of the interference. (Internews [Internet] 4/30; PR 5/16; WP 5/21)

Bank of Israel reports that for the 1st quarter of 1997 tourism has dropped 16%, the economic downturn which began in 7/96 continues. (Globes [Internet] 4/30 in WNC 5/2)

In Jordan, an Israeli tourist is stabbed, lightly injured. Jordanian police arrest perpetrator. (JTV, RMC 4/30 in WNC 5/1; JP 5/10)

Nr. Jerusalem, IDF soldiers open fire on Palestinian car that fails to stop at a checkpoint, killing the driver. (MM 4/30; RMC 4/30 in WNC 5/2; PR 5/2)

Convicted spy Jonathan Pollard petitions the Israeli High Court to order PM Netanyahu to acknowledge that Pollard was employed by Israel to spy on the U.S.; to reveal information regarding his employment, Israeli efforts to have him released. (Globes [Internet] 4/30 in WNC 5/2)