Thursday, August 7, 1997

Jordan's Crown Prince Hassan travels to Cairo to brief Pres. Mubarak on his talks with PM Netanyahu. (RE, RJ 8/7 in WNC 8/8)

IDF demolishes 2 more Palestinian homes in Jerusalem ostensibly for having no permit. (LAW 8/7; CSM 8/8)

Israel says that it is no longer seeking the arrest of PA police cmdr. Brig. Gen. Jabali. (ITV 8/7 in WNC 8/8) (see 7/31)

Jordan's al-Mustaqbal Party announces that it will boycott the 11/97 elections. (al-Ra'i 8/7 in WNC 8/11) (see 7/28)

As violence in s. Lebanon escalates to levels not seen since the 4/96 understanding, 1 Lebanese woman, 2 children are killed by a roadside bomb planted by unknown assailants; 1 SLA mbr. is killed by a bomb planted in his car; 1 farmer is killed by IDF retaliatory shelling. (RL 8/7 in WNC 8/8; WP 8/8)

Israel releases Lebanese reporter Nahra. (RL 8/7 in WNC 8/8) (see 7/9)