Friday, August 15, 1997

PLO Political Dept. head Faruq Qaddumi and delegation arrive in Damascus for talks with Pres. Asad regarding recent events in the Middle East. (SANA 8/15 in WNC 8/18)

In Aqabat Jabr refugee camp, Israeli police find the auto of an Israeli taxi driver who disappeared en route btwn. Jerusalem and the West Bank settlement of Beyt Ha'arava 8/14. Israeli police place a curfew on the Jericho area. Israeli police, IDF, PA police begin search. (ITV, QY 8/15 in WNC 8/18)

Hrs. after they are released by the PA atty. gen., 10 Hamas mbrs. are rearrested by the PSF. The PSF also detain 2 PA officials for complying with the atty. gen.'s orders. (LAW 8/19)

Crown Prince Hassan's son Prince Rashid Bin al-Hassan is injured in a car accident on his way to Aqaba, 2 passengers are killed, 1 is injured. (JTV 8/15 in WNC 8/20)