Friday, August 29, 1997

Secy. of State Albright says that she will leave for the Middle East 9/9. She will travel to Egypt, Israel, Jordan, the PA self-rule areas, Saudi Arabia, Syria, possibly Lebanon. (MM 8/29; NYT, WT 8/30)

On his way home fr. Asia, PM Netanyahu stops in Azerbaijan to discuss possible oil purchase. (ITAR-TASS [Moscow] 8/29 in WNC 9/2; NTV [Moscow] 8/29 in WNC 9/4)

Following IDF fatalities in s. Lebanon 8/28, Labor Chmn. Barak urges swift negotiations for a gradual withdrawal fr. Lebanon. (IDF Radio 8/29 in WNC 9/4; NYT 8/30)

IDF demolishes 1 Palestinian home in East Jerusalem. (PHRIC 10/21)

Jordan announces it will spend $244 m. over the next 4 yrs. to improve infrastructure in 13 Palestinian refugee camps in the kingdom. (JT 8/31 in WNC 9/4)

In preparation for 11/97 elections, King Hussein issues decree dissolving Jordan's Lower House of parliament effective 9/1. (RJ 8/29, JTV 8/31 in WNC 9/4)

In New York, a federal grand jury indicts Gazi Ibrahim Abu Mayzar, Lafi Khalil (arrested 7/31) for allegedly plotting to bomb in the New York City subway. (WT 8/30)

In Los Angles, 8 Iraqi mbrs. of CIA-backed resistance groups who say that they have been wrongly accused by the U.S. of spying for Iraqi pres. Saddam Hussein are ordered deported for failure to hold valid visas, work permits. The 8, who fear that Hussein will execute them for being U.S. spies, may still apply for political assylum. (WT 8/30)