Monday, July 7, 1997

Israel approves operation of PA buses btwn. Gaza, West Bank to allow "freer passage." (HA, YA 7/8 in WNC 7/9; Hatzofe 7/10 in WNC 7/11; PR 7/18)

PM Netanyahu survives no-confidence motion by vote of 48-39. In an agmt. signed before the vote, Netanyahu promises FM Levy control in talks with the PA in exchange for his support on the no-confidence motion. (MM, WT 7/8) (see 6/24)

ILMG  blames Israel shelling for injuring Lebanese civilians 7/2, 7/6; determines 1 Hizballah rocket landed inside Israeli territory 7/3; urges both sides to adhere to the 4/97 agmt. (VOL 7/7 in WNC 7/8; RL 7/8 in WNC 7/9)

2 Hizballah mbrs. are killed in clash with IDF in s. Lebanon. (Radio Free Lebanon 7/7 in WNC 7/9)