Saturday, July 12, 1997

In Nablus, a bomb explodes nr. an IDF vehicle passing by Joseph's Tomb, injuring 2 soldiers. The IDF closes the main roads to the nearby villages of Bayt Furik, Bayt Dajan. (PR 7/18)

In Hebron, 25 Jewish settlers start stone-throwing riot with Palestinians, prompting the IDF to intervene, wounding 9 Palestinians. IDF also places cement barriers along Shalala Street, which divides the PA-, Israeli-controlled enclaves; closes 50 Palestinian shops in Israeli-controlled downtown Hebron in retaliation for nearly 2 wks. of Palestinian protests, clashes. (NYT, WT 7/13; LAW 7/14)

In Ramallah, mbrs. of the PLO Exec. Comm. join in demonstrations to protest the expansion of Jewish settlements, anti-Muslim posters in Hebron. (PR 7/18)

The IAF Executive Bureau discusses whether it should follow the Muslim Brotherhood's lead and boycott 11/97 Jordanian elections, does not come to a final decision. Muslim Brotherhood issues formal statement outlining reasons for its decision to boycott. (al-Aswaq 7/12, al-Dustur, JT, al-Ra'i 7/13, RJ 7/14 in WNC 7/16; MM 7/14, 7/15; al-Quds al-Arabi 7/16 in WNC 7/18) (see 7/9)

In Ankara, PM Yilmaz's new government wins (281-256) its first vote of confidence. (WP 7/13)

Claiming they saw suspicious movements, IDF soldiers in s. Lebanon fire a shell at a 70-yr.-old Lebanese man collecting fodder for his cattle, killing him. Israel apologizes for the "accident." (RL 7/12 in WNC 7/16)