Tuesday, July 15, 1997

Labor Chmn. Barak arrives in Cairo for mtg. with Pres. Mubarak. (WT 7/16)

In Amman, Jordanian PM Majali discusses with Arafat dep. Abbas ways of coordinating the Arab positions on the peace process. (RJ 7/15 in WNC 7/16)

In an emergency session, the UNGA adopts (131-3, with 14 abstentions) a resolution condemning Israeli settlement policy, threatening to cut back Israel rights within th UN. Israel, Micronesia, the U.S. vote against (see 7/10); Russia abstains. (MM 7/15; IDF Radio 7/15 in WNC 7/16; MM, NYT, WT 7/16; ITV 7/16 in WNC 7/17; CSM, MM 7/17; Hatzofe, Interfax [Moscow], RE 7/17 in WNC 7/18; Xinhua [Beijing] 7/17, SAPA [Johannesburg] 7/21 in WNC 7/24; MM, PR 7/18; MEI 7/25; JP 7/26)

Higher Jordanian-Qatari Comm. ends 2-day session in Doha. The 2 states sign agmts. on land transport, commercial shipping and ports, judicial affairs; agree to expand bilateral cooperation in all fields, particularly economics. (RJ 7/15, 7/16 in WNC 7/17; JT 7/16 in WNC 7/18)

Hizballah fires at least 2 katyusha rockets fr. s. Lebanon toward n. Israel. One lands inside s. Lebanon, wounding a civilian; the other lands inside Israel, causing no damage. (RL 7/16 in WNC 7/17) (see 7/7)

Jordan's Council of Presidents of Professional Assns. (CPPA) announces a preliminary decision to call on all mbrs. to boycott the 11/97 Jordanian elections. However, several member assns. (e.g., Bar Assn., Contractors Assn., Dentists Assn., Journalists Assn., some mbrs. of the Veterinarians Assn.) disagree with the decision. Meanwhile, the Higher Comm. for Coordination Among the Opposition Parties (HCCAOP) defers decision on whether to boycott until the IAF announces its position. The government states that elections will be held on schedule, whether or not the opposition participates. (al-Dustur 7/15, al-Dustur, al-Ra'i 7/16 in WNC 7/17; MM 7/16; JT 7/16, 7/17 in WNC 7/18; MM 7/22) (see 6/19, 7/12)