Saturday, July 19, 1997

In Washington, PA Local Government M Erakat meets with Undersecy. of State Thomas Pickering; says that the U.S. is working on a new initiative, based on a "package deal," to help restart peace talks. Pickering later meets with PM Netanyahu's political adviser Uzi Arad to discuss issues pertaining to Iran, Syria. (MM, WT 7/21; MM 7/22; WJW 7/24; MEI 7/25)

In Nablus, PA court opens the trial of 3 mbrs. of Force 17, 1 civilian on charges of kidnapping, collaboration with Israel. The prosecution charges that the 4 men, under orders fr. Israeli intelligence, kidnapped, assaulted several Nablus residence in a bid to "wreck the reputation of the [PA] security forces." Evidence is not made public. (AFP 7/19 in WNC 7/29) (see 7/3)

Syria halts broadcasts, closes offices of the Voice of Iraq Iraqi opposition radio, which has operated in Damascus for 17 yrs. (AFP 7/20 in WNC 7/29; SA 7/24 in WNC 7/25; MEI 8/8) (see 7/13)

Jordanian military court finds Daqamsa guilty of killing 7 Israeli girls, wounding 7 on 3/13 but rules out premeditation (which caries the death penalty); sentences him to life in prison with hard labor. (NYT, WT 7/20; MM 7/21; JP 7/26) (see 6/16)

Jordan's CPPA adopts decision to boycott 11/97 elections. All assn. reps. attending (Agronomists Assn., Bar Assn., Engineers Assn., Dentists Assn., Contractors Assn., Geologists Assn., Nurses Assn., Veterinarians Assn., Pharmacists Assn., Physicians Assn., Writers League) approve the decision. Reps. of the Auditors Assn., Press Assn. do not attend. (al-Ra'i 7/20 in WNC 7/22; MM 7/22) (see 7/15)