Tuesday, July 22, 1997

On the sidelines of th EU FMs' mtg. in Brussels, Arafat, Israeli FM Levy hold the highest Israeli-PA mtg. since the pair met in Malta 4/15. Afterward, both men say that they made significant progress toward resuming Oslo II implementation negotiations. (MM 7/22; MM, NYT, WP, WT 7/23; YA 7/25 in WNC 7/28)

In Washington, Israeli cabinet secy. Nave holds 2d mtg. with U.S. special envoy Ross. (MM, NYT 7/23; WJW 7/24) (see 7/21)

In Jerusalem, Israeli pres. Ezer Weizman discusses with Arafat dep. Abbas ways of restarting the peace talks. (NYT 7/24)

On their way fr. attending a Fatah rally in Nablus in support PA policeman Col. Musaymi (see 7/20), 4 PC mbrs. (all Fatah mbrs.) are arrested by the IDF, detained under orders fr. "high places" at the IDF's West Bank military headquarters for 5 hrs. (PR 7/25)

In Tel Aviv, an Israeli Arab wielding a sword and knife stabs 2 Israeli women at a sidewalk cafe, lightly injures 11 others. In a separate incident in Gaza, a Palestinian woman stabs, slightly wounds an Israeli border guard nr. a Jewish settlement; is arrested by PA police. (WP 7/23; PR 7/25; JP 8/2)

PA reports that the IDF has sent 8 tanks, several armored personnel carriers, long-range 175-mm. Howitzer guns into Gaza to reinforce Gush Qatif settlement bloc. (al-Hayat al-Jadida 7/22 in WNC 7/23)

Syria allows businessmen to travel to Iraq individually, declaring void explicit restrictions on travel to Iraq that have been placed on Syrian passports since 1980. (RMC 7/22 in WNC 7/23) (see 7/19)