Monday, June 9, 1997

In Amman, King Hussein discusses peace process with Labor Chmn. Barak. In Petra, Arafat meets with PM Majali. (JTV 6/9 in WNC 6/11; MM 6/10)

World Bank offers Jordan a $100 m. loan for energy, social security projects. (JT 6/9 in WNC 6/10)

In Beirut, 5 suspected Japanese Red Army mbrs. go on trial on charges of passport forgery, illegal entry into Lebanon. (NYT, WP 6/10; MEI 6/27) (see 4/3)

Iraqi pres. Saddam Hussein's son Uday leaves a Baghdad hospital 6 mos. after an assassination attempt against him. According to government media reports, his leg has not fully healed, but he has no signs of paralysis. Opposition press says he is partially paralyzed, cannot walk. (WT 6/10, 7/2, 7/10) (see 1/28)