Monday, March 24, 1997

The U.S. calls on Arafat to explicitly rule out the use of terror in the Middle East. PSF head Dahlan says the PA is shutting down its security, intelligence cooperation with Israel. Netanyahu adviser Gold confirms that only low-level security contacts are being held. (CSM, MM, NYT, WP, WT 3/25; WT 3/26; MA, YA 3/26 in WNC 3/27; PR 3/28)

PM Netanyahu says that the PA must meet 6 demands for the peace process to continue. (MM 3/24; PR 3/28)

PA Culture M Yasir `Abid Rabbu, Israeli pres. Ezer Weizman hold mtg. to try to defuse tension in the wake of the 3/21 bombing. Israeli FM Levy refuses to attend. (IDF Radio 3/24; MM 3/25)

The Pan-Arab Congress holds its 7th session on Casablanca; calls on nations to protest Israel's construction in East Jerusalem by suspending negotiations, halting normalization. (MAP [Rabat] 3/24 in WNC 3/25)

Jordanian, Israeli military officials meet in Tel Aviv to discuss the 3/13 shooting incident in Jordan, agree on new regulations to ensure better cooperation in future border incidents. (Hatzofe [Tel Aviv], IDF Radio 3/25 in WNC 3/26; NYT, WT 3/25; SA 3/26 in WNC 3/27)

Demonstrations by 100s of Palestinians continue in the West Bank, spread to Gaza, where 1 Palestinian is shot, wounded by and IDF soldier manning a road block. (CSM, NYT, WT 3/25)