Friday, April 3, 1998

Arafat speaks with Secy. Albright, urges the U.S. to publicly present its 13.1% FRD plan so as to pressure Israel. (WT 4/5)

81 senators send AIPAC-drafted letter to Pres. Clinton, urging him not to pressure Israel by publicly issuing a U.S. FRD proposal. AIPAC tried to get CPMAJO to endorse the letter, but it refused, saying AIPAC was creating an unnecessary sense of crisis. (WJW 4/2; NYT 4/7; MM 4/8; WJW 4/9; MEI 4/10; WT 4/13; NYT 4/26; MM 5/1) (see 3/29)

Egypt calls for exchange of ambs. with Iran. (IRNA 4/3 in WNC 4/6)

Some 10,000 Palestinians in the West Bank, Gaza hold rallies to denounce what they believe to be Israel's assassination of Hamas's Sharif. (MM 4/3; ITV 4/3 in WNC 4/6; WT 4/4) (see 4/2)

In s. Lebanon, Hizballah detonates roadside bomb as SLA unit passes, killing 7 SLA mbrs. IDF shells area in response, damaging 2 civilian homes. (RL, VOL 4/3 in WNC 4/6)