Sunday, August 9, 1998

After 2 days of heated debate, PC approves (55-28, with 3 abstentions) Arafat's new EA. (WP 8/9; CSM, NYT, WP, WT 8/10; JP 8/15)

PM Netanyahu turns down invitation fr. Norway to attend 5th anniversary commemoration of the Oslo accords scheduled to be held in Oslo 8/23-24. Fmr. Israeli PM Peres, Arafat plan to attend. (HA [Internet] 8/10, 8/18)

Jordanian FM Anani arrives in Iran for 2 days of talks on bilateral cultural, economic, political ties; meets with Majles speaker Ali Akbar Nateq-Nuri. (JTV 8/8, IRNA 8/9, JT 8/10 in WNC 8/11; MM 8/14)

Jordan's new amb. to Iraq, Hammud Katarneh, presents his credentials to Iraqi VP Taha Yassin Ramadan. Both men express desire to boost bilateral cooperation. (MM 8/12)

Israel's Atty. Gen. Elaykim Rubenstein, State Prosecutor Edna Arbel, National Chief of Police Yehuda Vilk meet to finalize new regulations for the IDF, police, Shin Bet that will eliminate special treatment for Jewish settlers who break the law in the occupied territories, especially in cases involving attacks on Palestinians. (HA [Internet] 8/11)

10s of Jewish settlers fr. settlements along the Lebanese border demonstrate outside PM Netanyahu's office to protest government plans to rescind the benefits granted the border settlements after Israel's assault on Lebanon 4/11-26/96. (HA [Internet] 8/10)

Palestinian prisoner Walid Qawasmeh dies en route to a Nablus hospital after 10 days in PA custody. PA says that he died of heat stroke. Autopsy today concludes that he had been tortured. (WP 8/11; LAW 8/12)