Friday, December 11, 1998

 The U.S. calls on the PA to halt hunger strikes, criticisms of the prisoner release; speed confiscations of illegal weapons, reduction in number of PA police. (NYT 12/12)

Israel rejects U.S. compromise formula for release of Palestinian political prisoners, reaffirms it will not implement 2d stage of FRD unless the full Palestine National Council (PNC) votes to annul the PLO charter. Nr. Qalqilya, the IDF opens fire on Palestinians demonstrating for the release of political prisoners, killing 2, wounding 27. (MM 12/11; ITV 12/11, 12/12 in WNC 12/15; LAW, WP, WT 12/12)

One of Israel's most wanted, Hamas mbr. Yahya al-Gul, escapes fr. a PA prison in Gaza, where he had been held since 3/98. PA places his family under house arrest. (PR 1/15)

In Gaza, 200 mbrs. of Palestinian opposition parties, Hamas, 8 Palestinian Council mbrs. hold conference to denounce the Wye agmt., annulment of the PLO charter; call on PLO mbrs. to boycott 12/14 PNC mtg. (WT 12/12)

UNSCOM carries out 14 surprise inspections without Iraqi interference. (WP 12/12) (see 12/9)

Lebanon files protest with the UN Security Council (UNSC) against repeated Israeli mock raids over Beirut since 12/9. (RL 12/11 in WNC 12/14)