Tuesday, December 22, 1998

Prominent Likud mbr. Dan Meridor resigns fr. the party to form a centrist party, challenge Netanyahu for PM in upcoming elections. (NYT, WP, WT 12/23; MEI 12/25; JP 1/4; SA 1/8 in WNC 1/12; JP, MEI 1/15)

At Yemen's request, the Arab League calls an emergency FMs mtg. for 12/30 to discuss the U.S.-led attack on Iraq. (MENA 12/22 in WNC 12/23; MENA, Star 12/24 in WNC 12/28)

In Lebanon, 1,000 demonstrators march toward the U.S. emb. to protest the U.S.-led attack on Iraq (see 12/21). Jordanian pharmacists agree to boycott U.S., UK medicines. (AFP, VOL 12/22 in WNC 12/23; WT 12/23)

U.S. suspends tourist, student, business visas for Syrians indefinitely in response to attack on the U.S. emb. 12/19. (WT 12/23; MM 1/4; WT 1/6)

1 Lebanese woman, 6 children are killed, 1 man, another child are injured in IDF attack on suspected Hizballah base in s. Lebanon. (IDF Radio, RL 12/22 in WNC 12/23; WP, WT 12/23; ITV, MBC, SAPA [Johannesburg] 12/23, MENA, SA 12/24 in WNC 12/28; Interfax 12/24, VOA 12/26 in WNC 12/29; PR 1/1)