Tuesday, February 17, 1998

Saying that "force can never be the first answer, but sometimes it's the only answer," U.S. Pres. Bill Clinton warns Iraq that he is prepared to order a campaign of airstrikes to "seriously diminish" Iraqi military capability if it does not submit to unfettered UN arms inspections. (NYT, WP, WT 2/18)

Israeli Infrastructures M Ariel Sharon discusses further redeployment (FRD) proposals with Arafat advisers Ahmad Qurai`, Mahmud Abbas. (YA 2/18 in WNC 2/21; IGPO 2/19; MA 2/24 in WNC 2/26; PR 3/6) (see 2/16)

In Bethlehem, 100s of Palestinians hold pro-Iraq, anti-U.S. march. PA police prevent them fr. reaching an IDF roadblock. (WP 2/18)

Settlers at Kiryat Arba nr. Hebron stone Palestinian car passing by the settlement, injuring the driver. (PR 2/27)

Nr. Me'a Sherim settlement in the West Bank, a Palestinian youth is stabbed, lightly wounded by unidentified assailant. (PR 2/27)

Lebanese civilian is injured during IDF shelling of Hizballah positions. (RL 2/17 in WNC 2/21; al-Safir 2/20 in WNC 2/24)