Friday, February 20, 1998

UN approves request by Secy. Gen. Annan to raise the amount of oil Iraq is allowed to sell under the oil-for-food agreement fr. $2 b. to $5.2 b. every six mos. (NYT 2/21, 2/22) (see 2/2)

State Dept. advises U.S. dependents, nonemergency personnel to leave Israel, Kuwait in anticipation of strike on Iraq. (WT 2/21)

In Ma'an, Jordan, march led by opposition leader Laith Shubailat to protest U.S. position on Iraq turns violent, with marchers setting fire to cars, breaking shop windows, firing guns at police. Police kill 1 protester, injure 3, arrest Shubailat for inciting a riot. (RJ, RMC, SANA 2/20 in WNC 2/24; WT 2/21; WP 2/23; MEI 2/27)