Wednesday, July 15, 1998

On last day of Arafat's official visit, China promises financial, moral backing for a Palestinian state, says Chinese businesses would invest in the state if it is proclaimed in 5/99. (CSM 7/16) (see 5/28)

The House Appropriations Foreign Operations Comm. marks up the FY 1999 foreign aid bill, proposes cuts in Egyptian, Israeli aid. (WT 7/17; Akhbar al-Yawm 7/18 in WNC 7/21; WJW 7/23) (see 7/10)

In Geneva, UN Human Rights Comm. holds session on Israel's treatment of Palestinians in the occupied territories. (WT 7/16; JP 7/25)

IDF confiscates 200 sheep belonging to the semisedentary Rashaida tribe, claiming that they strayed into a military zone outside Bethlehem. 30 bedouin are injured trying to stop the soldiers. (al-Hayat 7/16; JP 7/25)