Wednesday, July 22, 1998

Despite 7 phone appeals by Israeli DM Mordechai, U.S. rejects Israel's request for new round of American mediation. (CSM, MM, NYT, WP, WT 7/23; MEI 7/31)

PA negotiator Abbas goes to Amman to meet with Crown Prince Hassan, who offers to host a round of negotiations. (JTV 7/22 in WNC 7/24; MM, NYT, WT 7/23)

Netanyahu spokesman David Bar-Ilan says that Israel feels that "the Americans now realize that we've gone a very long distance to make [an FRD agmt.] doable." Similarly, CPMAJO head Malcolm Hoenlein describes the tense days in 5/98 following Secy. Albright's 5/4 issuance of a deadline for Israel to accept the U.S. FRD proposal as "a short period of time," now passed. (WP 7/23)

Knesset passes (78-31, with 1 abstention) preliminary reading of a bill that would require an absolute Knesset majority of 61 MKs, a public referendum majority to approve any territorial concessions on, changes in the status of the Golan Heights. 11 MKs voting for the measure are Labor mbrs. Bill must pass 3 more readings before it becomes law. (MM 7/23; Tishrin 7/25 in WNC 7/30; JP 8/1)

Iran successfully tests medium-range missile that could hit all of Israel and Saudi Arabia, most of Turkey. (NYT, WP, WT 7/23; CSM, MM, NYT, WT 7/24; NYT, WP 7/25; MM, WP 7/30; MEI, MM 7/31; JP 8/1; MM 8/3, 8/4)

Yemeni troops attempt to secure control of the disputed island of Duwayma in the Red Sea but fail to oust the Saudi Arabian troops, leaving both countries with a military presence on the island. (MM, WP 7/23; MM 7/24) (see 7/19)