Sunday, July 26, 1998

In Alexandria, Syria's Pres. Asad briefs Pres. Mubarak on his 7/16+n17 trip to Paris, discusses Arab summit. (ESC Television, MENA, RE, SATN 7/26 in WNC 7/28; MM 7/27)

King Hussein begins chemotherapy for lymphoma at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. (AFP, SA 7/27 in WNC 7/28; NYT, WP, WT 7/29; MM 7/31)

Israeli pres. Weizman warns PM Netanyahu that violence is likely if FRD agmt. is not reached soon, calls for early election. (MM, WP, WT 7/27; JP 8/1) (see 7/1)

Saudi FM Prince Saud arrives in Yemen for talks with Pres. Ali Abdallah Salih on recent clashes. The men sign minutes of the mtg., which outline steps toward resuming border demarcation negotiations. (MM 7/29) (see 7/22)