Saturday, March 14, 1998

Palestinian demonstrations continue in Hebron after settlers reenter PA sector, smash car windows. PA police, IDF disperse protesters. From 60 to 100 Palestinians have been injured in West Bank clashes since 3/10. (WP, WT 3/15; ITV 3/16 in WNC 3/17; WT 3/16; MM 3/17) (see 3/13)

In Afula, Israel, a small bomb explodes in a bus station, injuring an Israeli man who was seen moving a box just moments before. (WP, WT 3/15; PR 3/20)

On his way to a 2-day Organization of the Islamic Conference mtg. in Doha, Arafat stops briefly in Cairo to confer with Pres. Mubarak on the peace process. (MENA 3/14 in WNC 3/17)

In Damascus, Iran, Syria discuss upgrading cultural relations, exchanges. (IRNA 3/14 in WNC 2/17) (see 3/13)

Despite ramifications of the failed assassination attempt 9/25, Israeli Infrastructures M Sharon vows that Israel will eventually kill Hamas political leader Mishal. (ITV 3/14 in WNC 3/17; NYT 3/15; MM 3/16; al-Dustur 3/17 in WNC 3/19, 3/20; PR 3/20; NYT 3/25; MEI 3/27; JT 5/3 in WNC 5/6)