Saturday, November 14, 1998

Citing Annan's letter, Iraq agrees to resume cooperation with the UN, forcing Pres. Clinton to abort a strike already in motion. At the UNSC, the U.S. rejects Iraq's announcement as "unacceptable"; Britain is skeptical but wants to leave options open; Secy. Gen. Annan, China, France, Russia welcome Iraqi decision but want clarifications. Annan warns that if the crisis resumes, "I doubt that there will be any time left for diplomacy." (NYT, WP, WT 11/15; WT 11/17)

In Nablus, U.S. envoy Ross discusses Wye implementation with Arafat. (WP, WT 11/15)

In an address to 1,000s of Palestinian in Nablus, Arafat says he will declare a state in 5/99. PM Netanyahu accuses Arafat of jeopardizing the Wye agmt. (WT 11/15; NYT 11/17)