Wednesday, November 25, 1998

In Paris, Egyptian pres. Husni Mubarak, Arafat discuss Wye implementation. (MENA 11/25 in WNC 11/30)

To cement his majority in the Knesset and cabinet, PM Netanyahu strikes tentative deal with Gesher party head David Levy, who resigned as FM in 1/98 after denouncing Netanyahu's government, to rejoin the cabinet. Both Netanyahu, FM Sharon cancel trips abroad shore up coalition. (MM 11/25; NYT, WP, WT 11/26; WT 11/27; MA 11/29, 11/30 in WNC 12/1; MM 12/4; JP 12/7)

Government of Turkish PM Mesut Yilmaz falls in a no-confidence vote over corruption allegations. (MM, NYT, WP 11/26; MEI 12/11)

Iranian Majles delegation visits Lebanon. (IRNA 11/25 in WNC 11/30) (see 11/23)