Tuesday, October 20, 1998

At Wye, Pres. Clinton, King Hussein meet with Arafat, Netanyahu. Talks break at 1 a.m., having made little progress. On the sidelines, FM Sharon meets with reps. of Victims of Terror (see 10/18). Clinton phones Egyptian pres. Mubarak to brief him on talks. (MM 10/20; AFP, RJ 10/20 in WNC 10/21; ITV, MENA 10/20, al-Ahram, MA, RJ 10/21 in WNC 10/22; CSM, NYT, WP, WT 10/21; al-Quds 10/21 in WNC 10/23; al-Ra'i 10/21 in WNC 10/26; NYT, WP 10/25)

Israeli Finance M Yaakov Neeman says that Israel will not pay the costs of redeployment fr. the West Bank, money "should come from abroad." (WT 10/21)

Hamas claims responsibility for 10/19 grenade attack in Beersheba. PSF detains 20 alleged Hamas mbrs. in PA-controlled Hebron. (AFP 10/20 in WNC 10/22; NYT, WP, WT 10/21; LAW 10/22; PR 10/23)

Overnight, shots are fired, Molotov cocktails thrown at IDF post in Hebron, causing no damage or injuries. (IDF Radio 10/20 in WNC 10/21)

After 2-days of talks, Syria, Turkey reach agmt. under which Syria promises to halt all support to the PKK; arrest, bring to court any Kurdish rebels found in its territory; deny entry to PKK leader Ocalan, who, according to Turkish PM Yilmaz, has been in Russia for over a wk. (ATL 10/20, ATL, HUR, MENA 10/21 in WNC 10/22; MM, NYT, WP, WT 10/21; MM, NYT, WP 10/22; al-Ahram, MENA, RJ 10/22 in WNC 10/23; SATN 10/22, MIL 10/23 in WNC 10/26; MIL 10/23 in WNC 10/27; MEI 10/30) (see 10/19)

In s. Lebanon, SLA opens fire on a civilian car, injuring 1. In a separate incident, a child is injured by IDF shelling. (RL 10/20 in WNC 10/21)