Saturday, September 26, 1998

In New York, Secy. Albright meets with PM Netanyahu, Arafat, Egyptian FM Musa, Lebanese PM Hariri. Arafat, Musa also meet. (MENA, RL 9/26, MENA 9/27 in WNC 9/29; WT 9/28; MEI 10/2)

Turkey upgrades its diplomatic relations with Iraq to the ambassadorial level in response to a U.S.-backed agmt. btwn. the KDP, PUK (see 9/17), which it fears will encourage Kurdish separatists in Turkey. (ATL 9/26 in WNC 9/29; NYT, WT 9/27; MM 10/1; MIL 10/3 in WNC 10/14 MM 10/9)

In Maryland, Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Abdullah meets with executives fr. 7 U.S. oil companies to discuss allowing them back into the kingdom for the 1st time since the Saudi oil industry was nationalized in 1973. (WP 9/30; MEI 10/2)

Iran resumes maneuvers on the border with Afghanistan. (WP, WT 9/27) (see 9/16)