Monday, April 12, 1999

The Palestinian Council (PC) political comm. holds special session to draft a report on the end of the interim period, declaration of a Palestinian state. (PR 4/30)

In Johannesburg, Arafat meets with South African pres. Nelson Mandela. (SAPA [Johannesburg] 4/13 in WNC 4/14)

Ignoring U.S. criticism (see 4/11), PM Netanyahu visits a settlement construction site nr. Psagot; praises construction, saying "We have done a lot, and we will do a lot more." (WP 4/13; TJT 4/16 in WNC 4/20)

Hizballah detonates roadside bombing in s. Lebanon, killing 1 IDF soldier. (MM 4/13; al-Safir 4/14 in WNC 4/15; JP, MEI 4/23)