Sunday, April 25, 1999

Arafat stops in Ghana, Nigeria for consultations on unilateral declaration of Palestinian state issue before concluding his 56 nation consultative tour. (Ghana Broadcasting Corporation Radio Network, NTA Television Network [Lagos] 4/25 in WNC 4/27)

In Amman, Israeli PM candidate and fmr. DM Mordechai meets unofficially with King Abdallah. (JT 4/26 in WNC 4/27)

Israeli pres. Weizman, trade delegation arrive in China for 1 wk. visit. (Xinhua 4/25, 4/26 in WNC 4/27; Globes [Internet] 4/28 in WNC 4/29)

Iran, Qatar hold talks on expanding bilateral relations. (IRNA 4/25 in WNC 4/27)

Israeli police shut Palestinian Prisoners Club office in East Jerusalem that Israel alleges was being used by the PA in violation of Oslo. (al-Quds 4/26 in WNC 4/29) (see 4/22)

Israel officially charges Shin Bet undercover agent Avishai Raviv with failure to prevent assassination of PM Yitzhak Rabin, conspiracy, support for a terrorist organization. (NYT, WP, WT 4/26; JP 4/30) (see 11/18/95)

U.S., Britain complain that for several mos., Syrian trucks have been smuggling Iraqi oil out of Iraq in violation of UN sanctions, perhaps in a barter arrangement in exchange for Syrian goods. U.S., Britain have asked the Syrian government to block shipments, but volume appears to be increasing, with 100s of tankers/wk. now entering Syria. The degree of direct Syrian government involvement in the smuggling cannot be confirmed. (NYT 4/26; MM 4/30)