Wednesday, January 13, 1999

PC gives Arafat 2 wks. to press charges or release Palestinian political prisoners being held in PA jails without trial, demands halt to political detention. (LAW 1/13; MEI 1/29)

Israeli, U.S. sources confirm that the only materials stolen fr. Greenberg Quinlan Research related to Barak's campaign for PM. Files, a laptop computer containing information on Barak, computer backup tapes fr. a safe were taken, suggesting the burglars knew exactly what they wanted. Israeli government spokesman David Bar-Ilan warns that anyone casting blame on Netanyahu, the Likud could be subject to legal action. (NYT, WP, WT 1/14; MM 1/20; JP 1/22) (see 1/12)

At the UN Security Council (UNSC), U.S. VP Al Gore recommends lifting the ceiling on how much oil Iraq can sell, streamlining approval of purchases under Oil-for-Food program, but not removing sanctions altogether, as China, France, Russia wish. France recommends preventive (not intrusive) weapons monitoring that would replace or significantly change UNSCOM; an end to restrictions on Iraqi oil sales; a program of strict economic, financial controls to make sure oil revenues are not used for military purchases. (NYT, WP, WT 1/14; MM 1/15, 1/22)

U.S. planes fire on 5 Iraqi missile batteries in n. Iraq in 3d straight day of confrontations. (NYT 1/14)

Palestinians fr. Kafr Salaf, Azzun block armed settlers with bulldozers fr. levelling their village land (in area C) to expand nearby settlements. The IDF intervenes to remove the settlers. (AFP [Internet] 1/13)