Monday, July 5, 1999

Syrian pres. Asad arrives in Moscow for talks with Russia on a 5-yr., $2-b. arms deal to upgrade the Syrian military, which would enhance Syria's negotiating position with Israel. (Sabah 7/5 in WNC 7/7; NYT, WP 7/6; MM 7/7, 7/9)

In Cairo, the Ramallah-based International Alliance for Arab-Israeli Peace opens a 3-day conference on the peace process, Arab normalization with Israel. Some 700 Egyptian intellectuals, political leaders hold counterconference to protest normalization in advance of comprehensive peace. (AFP, MENA 7/5 in WNC 7/7; MENA, SATN 7/7 in WNC 7/8; AYM 7/7 in WNC 7/12; MM 7/8; Rose al-Yusuf 7/10 in WNC 7/15)

In Zagreb, a high-level Israeli military delegation holds military cooperation talks with Croatian officials. (Vecernji List [Zagreb] 7/6, Vjesnik [Zagreb] 7/7 in WNC 7/8; Slobodna Dalmacija 7/12 in WNC 7/13)

In Ramallah, the 1st mtg. of the Palestinian-Kurdish Friendship Association is held. Reps. of the PLO factions, PA ministries, governmental and private organizations attend. (AYM 7/6 in WNC 7/12)

PA police summon the editor of Islamic Jihad's daily newspaper, al-Istiqlal, to warn him against publishing articles critical of the PA. (HJ 7/6 in WNC 7/9)