Wednesday, March 17, 1999

Refugee Working Group holds intersessional mtg. in Paris on family reunification. (Shaml Newsletter 2/99)

3 Israeli judges unanimously find Aryeh Deri, leader of the ultra-Orthodox Sephardic Shas party, guilty of fraud, bribe-taking. Shas supporters protest verdict as tantamount to discrimination against Sephardim. Deri's lawyers appeal the verdict to the Israeli High Court. (MM, WP 3/17; MM, NYT, WP, WT 3/18; JP 3/19; WJW 3/25; MEI 3/26; JP 4/2)

Israel announces plans to build 120 new housing units in Gilo settlement. (al-Ayyam 3/18 in WNC 3/23)

U.S. suspends nearly daily attacks on Iraq, directing its attention to the crisis in Yugoslavia. (WP 4/3) (see 3/6)

IDF shells targets in s. Lebanon, injuring 1 civilian. (VOL 3/17 in WNC 3/22)