Sunday, March 21, 1999

In Vienna, Arafat meets Austrian chancellor Victor Klima. (Oesterreich Eins Radio Network 3/21 in WNC 3/22)

First lady Hillary Clinton, daughter Chelsea arrive in Egypt for 5 day visit on 1st leg of N. African tour. (MENA 3/21 in WNC 3/22)

PM Netanyahu arrives in Kiev for brief talks with Ukrainian pres. Leonid Kuchma on bilateral economic relations, preventing flow of nuclear know-how to Iran. He then heads to Moscow for 2 days of similar talks with Russian officials. (ITAR-TASS 3/21 in WNC 3/22; MM 3/22, 3/25; MEI 3/26; Zerkalo Nedeli [Kiev] 3/27 in WNC 4/7)

Israel's High Court rules that the more than 600 bedouin who entered Israel fr. Egypt and requested asylum face no danger fr. the Egyptian government, clearing the way for their deportation. (WP 3/22; CSM, NYT 3/23; PR 3/26) (see 3/15)

King Abdallah of Jordan issues royal decree naming his wife, Rania, queen. Queen Nur, wife of the late King Hussein, will be known as "queen mother." (NYT, WP 3/22)

Israeli judge quashes atty. gen.'s request to review the High Court's decision not to extradite Sheinbein to the U.S., allowing Sheinbein to be formally indicted on murder charges on 3/22. Even if convicted in Israel, Sheinbein would face prosecution if he returned to the U.S. (WP 3/22, 3/23; WJW 3/25; WP 3/28; JP 4/2)

Saudi Arabia acknowledges that it refuses to allow U.S. planes based in the kingdom to take part in raids on Iraq, that it objects to loosened rules of engagement. (NYT 3/22)