Tuesday, May 4, 1999

Across the occupied territories, only scattered Palestinian protests, clashes with IDF soldiers mark the official end of the 5 yr. Oslo interim period. The PA holds no ceremonies; Arafat is in Ireland. 17 Palestinians are injured in a clash with the IDF in Hebron. (WT 5/4; IRNA 5/4 in WNC 5/5; CSM, MM, NYT, WP 5/5; al-Quds 5/6 in WNC 5/10; TJT 5/7 in WNC 5/12)

Contradicting his own aide (see 5/1), PM Netanyahu denies U.S. charges that he has broken a promise to build only on land adjacent to existing settlements, says that he made it clear to the U.S. that he would build settlements in "undeveloped areas." (WP 5/5)

After 3 yrs. of refusing official contact, Morocco's King Hassan receives a delegation of 50 Israeli legislators, religious leaders, businessmen. (NYT 5/5)

Labor candidate for PM Barak makes private visit to Amman to meet with King Abdallah on the peace process, regional issues, ways to revive the Israeli-Syrian negotiations. (WT 5/5; JT 5/5 in WNC 5/6; JP 5/14) (see 4/25)

Kuwaiti leader Shaykh Jabar Ahmad al-Sabah dissolves parliament after lawmakers threaten to oust his Islamic affairs minister for mistakes printed in 120,000 copies of the Qur'an, calls for early elections to be held 7/3. (MM, WP, WT 5/5; MM 5/6)

Hizballah detonates a roadside bomb in s. Lebanon, killing 2 SLA mbrs., injuring 3 IDF soldiers. (VOL 5/4 in WNC 5/5; WT 5/5; VOL 5/5 in WNC 5/6; Tishrin 5/5 in WNC 5/10; MEI 5/7)