Sunday, November 21, 1999

In Cairo, Egyptian FM Musa, PA Planning M Nabil Shaath end 2 days of consultations on the peace process. Shaath also meets with Arab League secy. gen. Ismat `Abd al-Majid to request that the Arab League intervene with Lebanon to ease tensions regarding Palestinian refugees (see 11/20). (MENA, 11/21, MENA, al-Nahar 11/22 in WNC 11/23)

Israeli Education M Yossi Katz, who handles Labor party relations with the PA, says Israel bears some responsibility for the Palestinian refugee problem, should allow 100,000 Palestinian refugees to return to areas inside the Green Line. Labor says it may remove Katz fr. his party posts because of his comments. PM Barak says no refugees will be allowed to return to Israel in a final settlement. (MM 11/23, 11/24; al-Quds 12/1 in WNC 12/3; MM 12/2; JP, MM 12/3)

Jordan "suspends" cases against all Hamas mbrs. detained since 8/30; sends 4 senior Hamas leaders (Ibrahim Ghawshah, Musa Abu Marzuq, Khalid Mishal, and Muhammad Nazzal, who were arrested 9/22) to Qatar; and releases the remaining 20 Hamas activists. (SA 11/21, AFP, DUS 11/22 in WNC 11/23; MENA 11/21, JT, SA 11/23 in WNC 11/24; MM, NYT, WP, WT 11/22; MM 11/25; MEI 11/26; AYM 11/27 in WNC 12/1; JP 12/3)

The Israeli cabinet asks the Knesset to renew the state of emergency law for 6 mos. rather than 1 yr. as has been the case since the law was adopted in 1948. The 6-mo. extension would be the 1st legislative step toward abolishing the state of emergency, under which Israel may legally hold Arabs without charge or trial and confiscate civilian goods for military use. (MEI 11/22)

Israelis living along the n. border with Lebanon hold a 1-day strike to show concern for their safety following a withdrawal of IDF troops fr. s. Lebanon. (MM 11/22)

Turkish officials arrive in Israel for 4 days of talks on joint tourism programs. (ATL 11/21 in WNC 11/23)