Monday, November 29, 1999

In Moscow for a 2-day visit, Arafat holds talks with Russian PM Vladimir Putin on the peace process; bilateral relations in education, culture, communications, transportation; developing a regular flight route btwn. Gaza, Moscow. (Interfax, ITAR-TASS 11/29 in WNC 11/30; Interfax, ITAR-TASS 11/30 in WNC 12/1)

PM Barak says that he will insist that the FAPS, due to be completed by 2/00, contain a PA promise that the refugees' right of return will not be raised again at a later time; reiterates that no refugees will be allowed to return to inside the Green Line. (MM 11/30; MM, WT 12/1)

In Jerusalem, Israeli, PA final status teams hold their 6th mtg. PA team hands Israelis a letter urging PM Barak to end Jewish settlement expansion. (AFP 11/30 in WNC 12/1; AYM 11/30 in WNC 12/2; MM, WT 12/1; MENA 12/4 in WNC 12/6) (see 10/26)

As the final status mtg. is taking place, the IDF demolishes 2 Palestinian homes, a store in al-Khader, in the West Bank, apparently as part of the expansion of Efrat settlement. (LAW 11/30; WT 12/1; MM 12/2) (see 11/26)

PA intelligence officers arrest another 3 Palestinians who signed the 11/27 statement criticizing PA corruption. (CSM, NYT, WP 11/30; SA 12/1 in WNC 12/2; MEI 12/10)

In Gaza, 35 opposition leaders representing the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine hold mtg. in support of the Petition of the 20, call on the PA to release the detainees and allow the freedom of expression. (AFP 11/29 in WNC 11/30; SA 12/3 in WNC 12/6)