Tuesday, October 12, 1999

In Washington, King Abdallah, Pres. Clinton hold talks on the peace process, bilateral economic ties. Previously, Abdallah said he would bring with him a message for Clinton fr. Iraqi pres. Saddam Hussein (see 10/4); the U.S. says Abdallah brought no message, though one might exist. Some reports maintain that U.S. officials told Jordan that Abdallah should not pass the message to Clinton, since the U.S. was not interested in a dialogue with Iraq. (WP 10/13; DUS 10/13 in WNC 10/15; MEI 10/15; AYM 10/18 in WNC 10/19; WT 10/20; SA 10/20 in WNC 10/21)

Barak orders 15 of the 42 unauthorized settlements constructed after the Wye accord to be dismantled; allows 11 others to stay; says remaining 16 may remain for now, but new building is forbidden. (MM, NYT, WP, WT 10/13; JT, MENA 10/13 in WNC 10/15; CSM 10/14; AYM, al-Quds 10/14 in WNC 10/18; JP 10/22) (see 10/10)

Israel says it will let DFLP head Hawatimah into the occupied territories now that he has expressed support for the peace process. (WP 10/13; MEI 10/29)

The Israeli High Court rules that Muhammad Abbas, head of the Palestine Liberation Front, is immune from trial in Israel for the 1985 Achille Lauro hijacking during which hijackers shot dead U.S. citizen Leon Klinghoffer. (WP 10/13)

In Ramallah, Palestinian nationalist and Islamist organizations (including, ALF, DFLP, Fatah, FIDA, Hamas, the Palestine Liberation Front, PFLP, PPP, PPSF) hold unity talks aimed at drawing up a list of principles for resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Participants call on Arafat to approve the PC's law on the independence of the judiciary, release political detainees fr. PA prisons. (al-Quds 10/14 in WNC 10/18)