Friday, October 29, 1999

Heads of the Israeli, PA final status teams hold their 1st mtg. since the 9/13 official ceremony reopening talks, set 11/7 as the start date for permanent status negotiations. (AFP 10/29 in WNC 11/2; WP 10/30; NYT 10/31; AYM 11/1 in WNC 11/3)

PM Barak reinstates a ban, lifted 4 days ago, on DFLP leader Hawatimah's return to the occupied territories after he voices support for armed struggle against Israeli occupation. (MM, NYT, WP, WT 10/30; AYM 10/31, 11/2 in WNC 11/4; MM 11/2; JP 11/5)

The PC's Refugee and Displaced Persons Affairs Comm. warns Lebanon against arresting Fatah official Abu al-`Aynayn, who was sentenced to death in absentia by a military court on 10/27. (AYM 10/30 in WNC 11/3; DUS, al-Nahar, SA 11/6 in WNC 11/8; al-Quds 11/7, al-Safir 11/8 in WNC 11/9; al-Safir 11/11 in WNC 11/12; MEI 11/26)

In Irbid, Jordanians emerging fr. Friday prayers gather to express solidarity with Hamas mbrs. detained by the government. (DUS 10/30 in WNC 11/2)

Some 300 Iranian businessmen attend an Iranian exhibition in Cairo, marking a boost in Iranian-Egyptian economic relations. (MENA 10/29 in WNC 11/2)

In New York, the Iraqi National Congress (INC; an opposition umbrella organization set up in 1992, many of whose member groups have since broken away) opens 4-day assembly mtg., funded with $3 m. fr. Congress, to elect a new leadership to serve as a credible alternative to the Saddam Hussein regime. The mtg. opens with an address by U.S. Amb. at Large for War Crimes Issues David Scheffer, will close 11/1 with a speech by Asst. Secy. of State Pickering. (NYT 11/1; WP, WT 11/2)