Sunday, April 23, 2000

King Abdallah of Jordan meets with PM Barak in Elat. Talks focus on bilateral issues. In an interview with Israel Television taped before the visit but aired afterward, the king calls for a dual capital solution for Jerusalem. (DUS 4/23 in WNC 4/24; CSM, NYT, WP, WT 4/24; MM 4/25; WJW 4/27)

Armed with a new press law that bans criticism of the constitution, the Tehran court, controlled by conservatives, orders 8 daily, 4 weekly newspapers that support reform-minded Pres. Khatami to cease publication immediately. 2 journalists are also arrested. (CSM, NYT 4/25; WP, WT 4/26; NYT 4/27; MM 4/28; MEI 5/5) (see 4/21)

In Issawiyya, he IDF demolishes at least 5 Palestinian homes, 21 tents, a water reservoir. (MM 4/25; LAW 4/26; MM 4/27) (see 4/18)