Saturday, August 19, 2000

In Alexandria, U.S. special envoy Ross discusses the PA-Israeli impasse over Jerusalem with Egyptian FM `Amr Musa, then returns to Israel to meet with Israeli chief negotiator Ben-Ami. Musa says Egyptian officials are drawing up proposals for a compromise on Jerusalem. (MENA 8/19 in WNC 8/21; WP 8/20; WJW 8/24; AYM 8/24 in WNC 8/28)

10s of Jewish settlers, angry over an accident in which a Palestinian motorist lightly injured a Jewish boy, rampage through the Hebron market, overturning Palestinians' stalls, sparking a riot. The IDF intervenes, injuring 3 Palestinians with rubber bullets, arresting 7 Palestinians and 3 settlers. (WT 8/20; WJW 8/24; MA [Internet] 8/25; VOI 9/10 in WNC 9/12)